Monthly archives: July, 2008


Wooooo doggy… Good Weekend. Mad Kegger at my friends (Moucky) APARTMENT. Everybody was ripped. …..continued from Friday. Here are the some more pictures of the pool, during different stages of the Construction. These were taken with a cell phone camera, that is why the quality is not the best. These are the old steps, which

Here is the before/midway/after pictures of the pool.My brothers and I (also my Dad and his friend Rick) Did all the work ourselves. This is the reason for all the work.A big ol’ rip in the liner. More to come…..

Newish website

Fancy shmancy new design. Don’t have any real update. In a couple days I will put up some pics of my Pool.We got new steps and a new liner and it looks pimp. The pictures will show, pretty much from start to finish and before and after.(Hahaha, thats pretty much the same thing)It’ll be good.