Monthly archives: August, 2010

I’m updating on a regular basis!!

I am doing pretty good updating my website, so far. Here’s a short video clip of me doing a sketchy jump at my friend Adam’s (A-tom’s) cottage. I was not wearing a helmet, and I was flying down a huge hill that took me 10 minutes to walk up. (I have video of me walking

Ganny Tour

Yesterday, Tuesday August 24th.  Me and my buddy Albert went on an ATVing adventure in the Ganaraska forest. It was awesome. There’s over 11000 acres of forest and 300km of trails. We were there about 2 hours, but I popped the ATV’s Rear tire somehow…so we ended the day. I am looking forward to going

2 Wheelin’

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Nice day…

Here is a short clip of me jumping a railing at my friend Kate’s Cottage. I was happy I made it over.

New Website

Hello, Welcome to the new and improved! Here is a Sandwish I ate and took a picture of.