Monthly archives: October, 2010

Smashing some drums

Hey! Here’s a video of me playing that Antoine Dodson – Bed intruder song. (Too much crash cymbal near the end though) (I forgot to edit the last 15 seconds off of this talking crap) (Not my song, just covering it.)

It’s My Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mother! Hhahah I video taped myself doing some BMX jumps today (bunnyhops) Here is the video. The ending is pretty good. Hahaha Hahahaha.

Happy domestic disput….Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hhahaha…earlier today I was at my Brother Rob’s House and one of the neighbours were having a domestic…well she was, she was yelling at the top of her lungs…he was like “what are you doing?, where is this coming from?!” hahahhaa… I am also posting a video of me bunny hopping a median


I am an Avid MMA Fan and was checking out and came across this picture I’m just wondering why he’s got needles on the table. He was at a pig roast, maybe they were injecting juices into the pig, or he was drainging his knee or something?!?!?! Kind of weird…needles and gauze and then