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My Brother doing a bit of Go-karting

Bought a couple of watches

For the last six years AliExpress has had a 24 hour sale starting midnight on November 11th. Me and My Brother ended up spending a couple Hundred Dollars on random stuff. I ended up buying 5 watches and a wallet. My Brother bought a pair of shoes, a suit, some iphone/Ipad stuff and a couple of

Backyard Wood Pallet Bar

I built an outside bar in our backyard. Finally finished!

Trying out a Stun Gun…on myself!

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this site. In March, Me and my Brothers went to visit our Parents in Florida. While we were there, we went to the flea market and my Brother bought a Stun Gun. I had to try it out! So here is a video of me tasing myself!

Sup Dogs?

What is the up?  

2012 in review

  Part of a video I edited.

Buy this book Chronic Marketer

Buy this Book, Chronic Marketer by Brad Gosse. A Great book by a Cool guy.        

My Belt Buckle Collection

Over the years,  I have collected quite a few buckles, got some for Christmas and Birthdays. So, I’ve decided to show my collection of buckles off. I took the pictures using my newly Purchased Blackberry Playbook. (The pics look better in the smaller versions)