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UFC 130 Rampage vs Hamill Predictions

UFC 130 Prediction Did something a little different for these picks.

UFC 129 Recap video

Here is my Recap video of UFC 129: GSP vs. Shields

UFC 129

Hey, UFC 129 just passed by this weekend, Good fight card and in one of the fights. (Mark Hominick vs. Jose Aldo) Hominick got a huge hematoma on his forehead (Photo is from I made a little Mark Hominick Hematoma head band, don’t forget to pick one up.

Finally posting the 100km/h GT Snoracer tow

Finally Posting the video of getting towed behind a Snowmobile on a GT Snoracer at 100+km/h, on my Friends’ frozen lake. I wanted to go quicker, but that was the Snowmobiles top speed.

Bubba got busted

Supercross Star James “Bubba” Stewart, was arrested Monday afternoon for impersonating a police officer.,0,1565867.story He was just racing in Toronto (March 26th 2011) at the supercross event held at the Rogers Centre.        

UFN 24 (Ultimate fight night 24)

Hey, How is everyone doing? UFC’s Ultimate fight night 24 is coming up on Saturday, “Free and Live on Spike TV” and I am looking forward to this fight card. This is the official fight card, and I’m gonna make some Picks. Official Fight Card Main Card Light Heavyweight bout:  Antônio Rogério Nogueira vs.  Phil

Falling behind

I’m falling behind posting on here. Anybody watch the SuperBowl?? Hahaha I won $1 on the coin toss. Huge money. Ate delicious food, drank delicious beer and played delici……played Ping Pong.

Good New Years

Happy New Years. I was at a friends cottage for New Years and got pulled behind a snowmobile on a Gt Sno Racer. *EDIT* Finally got the video!! Got going to about 100 Km/h. I will post video of it, when I get it. I was wearing a Go pro Camera. I also watched UFC

Bmx Lake Jumping and Cherry Bomb testing

These are some videos from a summer or two ago. We like to have fun! That hurt my back alot!!! I didn’t tuck the bike back in to get the rotation, Hahahaha. Thanks to: Uncle K’s Farm, Dave, Albert, Chris, Rob

I like driving in the snow!

We had one of our first snowfalls of the season, shot a short video before I did some christmas shopping. [All video was shot on a closed course. Professional Driver. Do not Re-create.]