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Bmx Lake Jumping and Cherry Bomb testing

These are some videos from a summer or two ago. We like to have fun! That hurt my back alot!!! I didn’t tuck the bike back in to get the rotation, Hahahaha. Thanks to: Uncle K’s Farm, Dave, Albert, Chris, Rob

It’s My Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mother! Hhahah I video taped myself doing some BMX jumps today (bunnyhops) Here is the video. The ending is pretty good. Hahaha Hahahaha.

Happy domestic disput….Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hhahaha…earlier today I was at my Brother Rob’s House and one of the neighbours were having a domestic…well she was, she was yelling at the top of her lungs…he was like “what are you doing?, where is this coming from?!” hahahhaa… I am also posting a video of me bunny hopping a median